An Update provided by architect firm Misiaszek & Turpin.

Dusting of the Drawings and the Drapes

The first phase of selective demolition at the Colonial Theatre, is nearing completion. The work has been coordinated by construction manager Bonnette Page and Stone, and they have taken exceptional care uncovering the magnificent space inside. With the majority of the cinema subdivisions removed, the Misiaszek Turpin team has been able
to examine the theatre in near its original conditions. The Theatre continues to offer hidden secrets of its history and that of Laconia’s.
This past week, Sonya Misiaszek and Robert Turpin, owners and principles of the Laconia based architectural office Misiaszek Turpin pllc., welcomed several of their consultants to the Theatre to get an up-close look at the details and to document all the historical qualities.

Over the previous six months, the team has been pouring through the remnants of the original drawings and those from the 1980’s renovation that brought the multiple cinemas into existence.

“It has been fascinating to see how the construction of the building has differed from the original drawings” commented Turpin while discussing the progress of this first phase.

Alongside the demolition and work happing inside the Theatre, Misiaszek Turpin has been working to dissect every aspect of the drawings and the images that they have been able to acquire. Partnering with the Laconia Historical and Museum Society and several other individuals, the team has been able to gather a semi-complete understanding of the building’s history.

Jared Guilmett, Staff Designer at Misiaszek Turpin pllc., has been working to gather and organize all the images that they have received.

“Every picture has value! To achieve the goals of revitalization, we need to see and understand the whole history of the Theatre.” Guilmett said while flipping through their catalogue of images.

From its opening in 1914 to today, there is quite a story held behind the theatre’s drapes.

Each day the Theatre is changing; as it readies itself for a wonderful transformation; honoring its past while bringing it into the present. The entire team working on the Piscopo Building and its fossilized theatre, are eagerly awaiting the day that the doors will finally re-open and the community can once again enjoy the space.
If you or anyone you know has pictures or documentation of the Colonial Theatre, the team would be thrilled to hear from you and to see your artifacts.

Please reach out to Jared Guilmett with your images and stories at or connect
with Misiaszek Turpin pllc. on Facebook.

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